LENDERS II: The Time Tribulations by Travis Borne.

Travis Borne ▷ The Lenders Saga Book 2
Travis Borne ▷ The Lenders Saga Book 2

No hot-salsa competitions this time, but there’s more tacos and tequila. And guess who’s in the kitchen! Head back to Old Town, even Club Subterranean, and to the pushing, most pressing limits of existence itself, where there can be no escape. The system has you, it has, your mind. And seemingly forever: The Time Tribulations! (Lenders II)


LENDERS II: The Time Tribulations!

A skin-striping, pillory-clamping, mind-twisting dive into the bowels of Hell. There’s Jewel City and the all-new, prismatically colorful, Midtown. And the punishing Underworld, brimming with beasts unimaginable, and little ones, red ones, hairy ones and blobs. Workers, officers, humans and beasts.

And back to Vallecito, Colorado, the bunker, with all-new characters, against-all-odds rescues of some very special old ones, and adrenaline-surging, 90-mph rides in “Esperanza,” across the desert again with ol’ Felix. And glimmering bottles of Mezcal with the little gusanos traveling into throats like fingernails.

Rico, Jim—and I mustn’t spoil the “who else”—again embark on their most tumultuous, skull-splitting, light-speed adventures. If you made it through Lenders I intact, and if you can stomach it, and if you are emotionally and mentally stable enough to endure it, then… No, Lenders II will still send your subconsciousness into perdition. Read only if you dare!

There’s heat. There’s slabs of carne del puerco and blistering desert days. And you’ll never guess who’s servin’ the meat this time! Old Town Mexico and raging transformations that rip at the fabric of reality. An absorbing of souls, and cold steel stabbing hearts. And monumental plumes of dust. Legs burning, pushing, bulging, the enraged one speeding across the desert at sonic speeds!
He’s back…

The terrible machine city, green and purple haze and drones numbering in the billions, more. Surfing music and daring escapes from other dimensions, and otherworldly realms ruled by the mind. Omnipotent spheres in heads, inchoate wizards and mystical, virtual, dragon-like creatures. Plans gone awry and rides into space—and deep dives into the ocean. The Marianas Trench and hidden, secret cities. Arcs and slaughtered elephants, plesiosaurs and megalodons and giant jellyfish. Dinosaurs and old, three-legged sex-bots from Meddlinn, and almighty seaweed-green ones. Hyper-Millennials and reinvigorated minds. Heli-jets, hover-jets, space-jets. Crazy old ladies, piloting, soaring, plummeting: Nanny, and Fran, yep, they’re back!

And others hanging on for dear life, or lending in the deepest, darkest, hottest depths of the system—pitfalls of the mind! Lunacy and haunting screams, insanity and no way out! Lenders II has all of this and infinitely more. Buckle in, because if you thought Lenders I was a rush, well, you haven’t experienced anything yet!


A staggering sequel of out-of-this-world proportions!

This new book has not just blown me out of the water, it sent me over the mountain as well!



Travis Borne ▷ The Lenders Saga Book 2
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Travis Borne

Travis Borne is a father of four fantastic kids and is supported by his beautiful wife of more than twenty years. Travis is a coder, websites, and has been in the graphics industry for nearly 20 years.

He loves hiking, spending time with the kiddos, and of course whipping words into bizarre concoctions.

Travis has many ideas for future novels and plans to keep at it until he burns himself out.



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