THE ROJAS FILE, by Pierre Monteagudo – Based on real events.

THE ROJAS FILE ▷ Pierre Monteagudo

An investigation of more than 3 years (still remains open) in 5 countries, with input from a scientific advisory of the highest qualification and dozens of collaborators, they have made it possible to pay this posthumous tribute to Dr. Hector R. Rojas. (The Rojas File)


Mystery and secrecy come to light after 5 decades in an exciting story which reveals the complot to hide the inventions and discoveries of Doctor Rojas, a key scientist behind the landing of mankind on the moon. In the middle of the “Cold War” and while he was working for NASA, Doctor Rojas met with a president, travelled to the former Soviet Union, took the  fateful decision to agree to  an interview in Washington D.C. and afterward, what happened? The parties involved claim not to have any knowledge of him, but the truth is that this story is based on real events. While the 50th anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon approaches, we are presented with this fascinating book, which consists of two parts For starters it’s a tribute to the posthumous memory of astrophysicist Héctor. R. Rojas, who was able to travel to the moon on secret NASA flights, and in the second part, the author presents his lifelong thoughts about the UFO phenomenon. Without a doubt it’s an exciting story, written in simple and direct language.



An exciting reading
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THE ROJAS FILE ▷ Pierre Monteagudo
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Pierre Monteagudo

Author, and researcher of the book Expediente Rojas (Rojas’s Dossier) was born in 1968, in a family of researchers of scientific phenomena. When he was a student in Aguilar de Campoo, in Palencia (Spain), he became passionate about writing and reading. When he was thirteen he left for America. His professional career took him to cities such as Caracas, Maracay, San Cristóbal, Valencia (Venezuela), Bogotá (Colombia) and New York, and he became an expert tradesman, at the same time as he obtained his degree in Public Accountancy (Economics) at the University of Carabobo (2000). He has lived in Spain since 2002. He worked as the business manager of his own company dedicated to economic and social integration enterprises. Over the last few years, he has researched in detail the professional life of the first astrophysicist born in Venezuela, Dr. Héctor R. Rojas, whom he had personally met years back. Currently, he combines his job as an instructor of vocational training courses with his dedication to his work as a science author, writer of editorials for several media outlets and promoter of the talent of others. For more information, check:

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